Freedom APK  v2.0.5 is an Android app which was created with a specific purpose in mind, freedom app has provided gamer’s an affordable means to have access to the premium features of popular games and it is for free, there is not hidden cost that you have to pay. Freedom apk is basically a hacking tool that bypasses the credit checking system of stores such as Google Play and it makes use of a fake credit card which pays for the premium features that you get for free.

The fake credit card actually has no credit loaded into it but it manages to convince Play Store that you paid real money for gaining access to these features. As this app isn’t legal, you won’t be able to find it on Google Play Store. Many gamers are benefiting from the services provided by this app, you can get the apk file for your device from the below link, one thing that you should know before you get freedom app is that it needs root access to your phone, which means you have to root your Android device, otherwise Freedom apk will not work on your device. So before you install freedom app you will have to root your device.

download freedom apk directly
download freedom apk directly

Rooting an Android device is not an easy task and it is a process full of risks, its true that you benefit a lot more after you root the device, but the risks are that high, let’s take a look a few risks that you face with rooting.

  • As we have already discussed rooting is an complicated process and if the person who is performing this process on their phone has no idea what they are doing then they might end up bricking their device, i.e damaging it to a point where it cannot be repaired and this damage has occurred due to improper rooting of device.
  • Applying the updates provided by the manufacturer might not be possible if you have rooted your device, as you manipulate the software when you root the device by making changes, the updates are developed as fixes and changes for the old code or software and since you manipulated it, they are not applied, and even you unroot your device the updates might not work properly for you.
  • Rooting a device voids it warranty, most of the mobile phone developers have made provision in the phones to know if it has been tampered with in any way, and rooting is considered as tampering so if in case you happen to damage your device in some way you have to pay for the repairs at the service center even if its a new phone.

The point of mentioning these drawbacks was to warn you, and so that you could have idea of what you are getting into, the advantages that come along with rooting your phones are plenty some of which are, getting rid of ads, uninstalling pre-installed unnecessary apps, improved battery life and speed by downloading certain apps, changing the interface and so on. If you don’t have desktop or computers to root your Android device, then check out one click Android rooting Apps like vRoot apk, Download Kingoroot or iRoot apk.


Download Freedom Apk Latest Version For Android 2017

Freedom Apk
Freedom Apk

How to install Freedom Apk for Android

The installation process of Freedom app is quite simple, let’s go through the steps that are involved in the installation process.

Step 1: first of download freedom apk from the official website.

Step 2: After the download is complete, go to the file manager find the downloaded apk and tap on it to install it.

Step 3: After the installation is completed, you can launch the application, or you can open it from your apps list.

Step 4: When you open the application, it will ask for root i.e superuser permission, you can select the “allow” or “grant” option to allow it to have access to root.

Step 5: Next it will display all your installed list of applications and games on its main page.

Step 6: Select the application or game that you want to buy from the in-app purchases for free.

Step 7. Now you can go to the app level or the coin sections to buy them without spending any money.

Download Freedom APK

Features Of Freedom Apk on Android

  • The first and most important feature of Freedom app is that it gives you the freedom to Buy premium features inside games and apps for free.
  • The next one is that you can get free in-game updates on your phone, which would otherwise cost you.
  • You can buy coins, or tools and select a lot of extra features for your application at zero cost.
  • Due to which you can experience your favorite games and apps in a “No-holds-barred” manner.
  • When you have access to such features, you can compete with other players and win handsome rewards, and these features sometimes level the gaming field between you and a top player.
  • Its open source and you can download it from the link that has been provided here, it won’t cost you to download this app.
  • You can unlock all gaming levels on your Android phone, and it even provides users full version of apps.
  • It works smoothly for most of the apps and games, and it works best when used with WiFi.


It is advisable to download the latest version of freedom apk as it includes a lot of fixes and new features that weren’t available in the previous versions. as we have seen so far, it is basically an Android game hacking app, it provides you a way to have access to premium features of most of the games.

Freedom apk even provides access to the premium features of various applications and the best part about this app is that it does it for free, you can have all the levels of the games which otherwise would have been expensive, there are a lot of options available online which provide services that are very similar to that of freedom app, as you have been warned this app is not legal but it still is one of the apps that will let you have full gaming experience with all the features that you wouldn’t have gotten to use without it. Freedom apk works on an Android device of version 2.3 to 7.1.1.

Hope you get the download freedom apk directly link, if yes let us know how you used on your Android device.